T  Y  R  O  N  E     D  A  V  I  E  S
Jelly Boil
Serving both as a collage of actual footage and a collage of ideas, this video work evaluates various elements of perceived persona. What an artist or celebrity sees in himself may be very different from how he is perceived by others, yet he often manufactures a persona to market his work. Usually, this is a persona that many spectators buy into, even if the persona reads like a joke to others. Just as Billy Joel's music videos playfully attempt to establish a loose sense of biography, this video mash-up playfully confronts varied ideas of identity. The video follows a loose structure that more closely resembles the narrative of a rock concert than the narrative of a biography. Still the piece addresses biography as well as concepts of celebrity and performance while musically distilling Billy Joel's songs to their most visceral elements such as drum fills, piano solos, guitar riffs and sustained vocals.

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Editioned versions of this video (high resolution) available through Sherwood Gallery. www.sherwoodgallerysf.com

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