T  Y  R  O  N  E     D  A  V  I  E  S
Glorious Things are Sung of Zion
"Just what, exactly, is going on here?" is not an unpopular question among visitors to the state of Utah. Tyrone Davies spent eight years with a video camera asking that question to nearly every Utahn he met. The result is a discursive collection of stories, interviews and media collages about the cultural landscape of the "State of Deseret". GLORIOUS THINGS ARE SUNG OF ZION presents a plethora of unexpectedly diverse "best answers" to this enduring question that go far, far beyond the most common answer ("there are a lot of Mormons here") to reveal a collection of intricately intertwined stories about utopian ideology.

This is a six-hour documentary in three parts.
It is currently being submitted to film festivals internationally.
To view an excerpt of this film, contact Tyrone Davies at tyrone@loaf-i.com
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