T  Y  R  O  N  E     D  A  V  I  E  S
A video sculpture based on Marshall Mcluhan's "Tetrad of Media Effects" (see diagram in video), this work pits re-edited
sequences from the Michael Crichton film WESTWORLD against each other in a shoot-out sequence that serves as a
dramatization of Marshall Mcluhan's pedagogical tool. Like this video work, Mcluhan's Tetrad seeks to chart
simultaneous give-and-take relationships between a media artifact and cultural assumptions about that artifact.
The tetrad asks:
1. What does the medium enhance?
2. What does the medium make obsolete?
3. What does the medium retrieve that had been obsolesced earlier?
4. What does the medium flip into when pushed to extremes?

In this sculpture, each video clip has oblique signifiers (film melt, analog video interference, digital compression or
pixelization, etc) edited into it to infer a battle between mediums or formats (film vs. video, analog vs. digital, etc). As
living and mechanized cowboys shoot each other, one media format continually emerges to obsolesce, or assassinate
the previous format.
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