T  Y  R  O  N  E     D  A  V  I  E  S
WORD is a filmic exploration of the mediation of Biblical concepts. In Genesis chapter 1, the division of light and darkness makes a good metaphor for humankind's cognitive dissonance when considering mirrored perceptual truths such as the explicit and implicit, the externalized and internalized, the mediated and the tactile. Focusing on this common perceptual division as well as broader Biblical themes
concerning the separation of God and man, WORD considers the Biblical word of God, not as a linear and singular message, but as an expansive mystical spell that bears multiple meanings; some meanings are exposed, external, and/or explicit (lit) while others are hidden (by darkness) and/or internal and/or implicit. In addition, this video considers the myriad of complications imposed on the understanding of such concepts as they are continually re-mediated by humankind.

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