T  Y  R  O  N  E     D  A  V  I  E  S
5 Transmissions
Each of the five sections in this video evaluates the physical properties of analog television broadcast via artistic and
scientific perspectives.
-Transmission 1. “Stardust” or the residual matter still floating through the universe after the big bang accounts for a
small percentage of the static that shows up on any analog television. As we view television static, we are viewing this
cosmic creationary bi-product amidst a massive invisible ocean of other frequencies and waveforms.
-Transmission 2. Television static is a naturally occurring reality that exists whether there is a television to view it with
on or not. As mentioned above it can exist even without humankind’s broadcasts. It is no less natural than the
patterns created in one night’s accumulated snow.
-Transmission 3. The content of any medium is another medium. Here, all six Rocky films are viewed simultaneously
by spinning a camera in the middle of a ring of six televisions. By doing this, the effects of the ”boxing film genre” (a
medium in it’s own right), are overtaken by the effect of it’s parent media (film and television) as we more easily
respond to the effects of flickering light and video lines than we do to any story elements from any of the films.
-Transmission 4: Appropriated from a documentary segment about Philo T. Farnsworth, this is an enlarged section of
Pem Farnsworth’s (the wife of the Idaho born farm boy who invented the television) face. The original footage was
one of the very first recorded television images. In abstracting it, enlarging it and then converting it to a digital file,
the image is given a much higher level of definition but the meaning of the image is completely lost.
-Transmission 5: A digitally created image of the sun is subjected to layer after layer of the “Bad TV” filter used in Final
Cut Pro (Apple video editing software). This final video explores the idea of “Technostalgia” in video production
(Nostalgia for simpler technologies. Typically induced by technological hyper-saturation of the early twenty-first

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